Case File #0111
The Icebox Murders
The Houston Dismemberment Case
"Both bodies had been dismembered"
In June 1965 two Houston Police officers entered the home of Fred and Edwina Rogers, an elderly couple who lived with their reclusive son Charles. They discovered something horrific when one of the men opened the fridge, which contained human remains, neatly dismembered and packed on the shelves. It was later determined they were the bodies of Charles Rogers parents, but he was nowhere to be found. The investigation would focus on Charles as the prime suspect, who was vanished and would later be linked to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.
Charles Frederick Rogers was born to Fred and Edwina Rogers on 30 December 1921 and grew up at Near Northside, Houston. Little is known of his childhood, but later reports seem to indicate Charles was abused by his parents, both physically and mentally which continued into adulthood. Fred Rogers worked as a bookie and was known to the police for his involvement in illegal activities. It was believed both his parents began stealing large sums of money from their son, and were described as "con artists".
In 1942 Charles initially enrolled at Texas A&M University before dropping out and subsequently enrolling at the University of Houston. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nuclear physics and was described by friends and acquaintances as highly intelligent and he was known to speak several languages. He later served as a pilot in the United States Navy during World War II and also in the office of Naval Intelligence. After the war he returned home and began work for Shell Oil. It was suspected that during his work as a seismologist for Shell Oil that he came into contact with the CIA and began to work for them in an unspecified capacity. Indeed in the mid-1950's Rogers reportedly met David Ferrie when he joined the Civil Air Patrol, which was where Ferrie served with a 15-year-old Lee Harvey Oswald, who joined his squadron on 27 July 1955.

Charles Rogers

Fred Rogers

Edwina Rogers

Several years later and for unknown reasons Rogers abruptly quit his job in 1957, giving no explanation. He then moved in with his parents where his behaviour was later described as reclusive and he communicated with them by passing notes under his door. This behaviour continued until June 1965 when the Houston Police Department were contacted by Edwina's nephew Marvin who told them he had not heard from her for several days.
On 23 June, the two Houston police officers forcefully entered the Rogers house at 1815 Driscoll Street in the Montrose neighbourhood and found nothing unusual. Food was found on the dining-room table and there was no sign of foul play. When one of the officers opened the fridge he found what appeared to him at first to be hog meat, however as he closed the door he noticed two human heads in sitting in the vegetable bin. On closer inspection he found the neatly washed and unwrapped portions of meat was human flesh and the freezer compartment contained a torso.
Investigators were called to the address and Detective Paulk conducted a search of the house, noting it was cleaned meticulously, and found very little blood except for one bedroom which was later determined to belong to Charles Rogers. In this room they found a blood stained keyhole saw which had been used to cut up the bodies. A search of the sewer was conducted and police found the organs, which had been cut up and flushed down the toilet. 43-year-old Charles was not located at the residence and his whereabouts were unknown.

1815 Driscoll Street

Bodies in the Icebox

During the autopsy it was determined both Fred and Edwina had been killed several days prior on Father's Day 20 June, and 81-year-old Fred had been killed after blows to the head with a claw hammer, before having his eyes gouged out and his genitalia removed. 79-year-old Edwina had been beaten and then shot execution style to the head. It was found that both bodies had been dismembered in the upstairs bathroom by someone with a certain degree of anatomical knowledge. An arrest warrant was issued for Charles Rogers and police began to search for the prime witness and suspect.
Charles Rogers is considered by some to be involved in the complex assassination of President Kennedy in 1963. It is believed he worked as a CIA operative and participated in the murder of the President, being one of the "Three Tramps" who were arrested in Dealey Plaza after the assassination. It had been variously claimed he fled to Guatemala, Mexico or Honduras with eye-witnesses placing him there in 1965. The Rogers house at 1815 Driscoll Street remained empty and unsold and was eventually demolished in 1972. In 1975 Charles Rogers was declared legally dead and case of his murdered parents remains unsolved.

Written by Nucleus