Case File #0251
The Skid Row Stabber
The Los Angeles Serial Murder Case
"Satan, praise be unto you"
In the notorious Skid Row neighbourhood of Los Angeles, a vicious killer stalked the streets at night looking for those nobody would miss, the homeless, down-and-outs and rough sleepers who were his victims of choice. In October 1978, the killer murdered three men, all of whom were knifed to death and their bodies left in the parking lots and alleyways where they fell. By mid-November 1978, a further six victims were killed, one of whom was stabbed to death outside the Los Angeles downtown public library. The next two victims survived their encounter with the maniac, but the killer soon claimed his tenth who was found on thanksgiving morning, on a bench less than 200ft. from the entrance to the L.A. police headquarters. With mounting pressure from the media, who were referring the unidentified killer as the Skid Row Stabber, the Los Angeles police made an arrest in the new year. With little evidence, the suspect was soon released and the killer struck again. With new evidence, the suspect, Bobby Joe Maxwell, was re-arrested several months later and charged with 11 counts of murder. With mounting evidence and witness testimony, Maxwell would be found guilty at trial and sentenced to life imprisonment. The question of his guilt would be revisited in 2010, when the star witness was exposed as corrupt and all charges against Maxwell were dropped. The Skid Row Stabber continues to be unidentified and the case is likely to remain unsolved.
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