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We have always had a passion for all things True Crime, with a curious and avid interest in cases of unsolved crime, serial murder and war crimes. The purpose of this project is to compile the most comprehensive library of information on different types of criminal cases, from the historic to more contemporary crimes. We have a helpful “Category System” designed to make it easier to search for a specific type of offence from Arson to War Crimes, and “Related Case Files” within each article for those who wish to read more about associated crimes.

Featured Cases

Somerton Man

The mystery of the unknown man found on a beach in Adelaide, South Australia in December 1948, that continues to remain unsolved and unexplained.

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Recent Cases

Combat 18

Named after the initials of Adolf Hitler, the neo-Nazi group Combat 18 is a dangerous hate-filled terrorist organization, that has spread across the world.

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Robert Fabian

One of Scotland Yard's finest, Robert Fabian gained respect as a highly skilled detective working some of Britain's highest profile cases.

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Cesare Bonventre

A member of New York’s Bonnano Crime Family, Bonventre was a leading and influential made man, until he fell foul of someone even more ambitious.

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Reservoir Dogs

Quentin Tarantino’s iconic crime movie has endured as a classic example of the heist genre, and remains popular with fans of crime fiction.

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Albert DeSalvo

Although convicted as the rapist known as the Green Man, Albert DeSalvo confessed to being the Boston Strangler, but doubt remains as to his guilt.

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Wembley Park Murders

When two sisters were found brutally slain in Wembley Park, police suspected a madman responsible… the truth would shock even hardened detectives.

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