Case File #0196
Antonina Makarova
Tonya the Machine-Gun Girl
"I did not know who I killed, they did not know me"
When the Soviet Red Army liberated the Lokot region, near the Russian city of Bryansk, in September 1943 they heard stories recounted by the locals of a Russian female executioner who worked on behalf of the Nazis, and who was responsible for killing hundreds of suspected partisans and their families. No-one knew her real name, but because of her actions the Soviet partisans of the Bryansk region marked her for death, but were unable to locate her. When Lokot was liberated, she was nowhere to be found, and the Soviet NKVD and later the KGB spent years searching for the woman executioner known to the partisans as "Ton'ka pulemetchitsa". In 1976, another collaborator who was arrested had told his interrogators he knew the identity of the woman, she was Antonina Makarova. When the KGB finally learned where she was and went to arrest her, they found she had been living as a Red Army veteran in the Lepel region with her husband and two children, who knew nothing of her past. Charged with the murders of 168 people, but suspected of causing 1500 deaths, Makarova would eventually face a Soviet execution squad for her crimes.
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