Case File #0037
Bela Kiss
The Monster of Cinkota
"I know nothing of this terrible thing"
In July 1916, the Detective Chief of the Budapest Police received a call from a landlord in the little town of Cinkota, who believed he had found evidence of murder on his property. The house was currently rented by a man named Bela Kiss who had been called up to serve in the army in 1914, and was then kept by his housekeeper. Detective Chief Dr. Károly Nagy arrived to investigate and discovered several large metal drums outside the property at 9 Kossuth Street. Despite protestations from the housekeeper, Nagy opened one of the drums and found the decomposing remains of a young woman inside. The other six drums were also opened and each contained the body of a naked young woman, all of whom had been strangled. Even more bodies were found buried on the property, and inside the house were letters of correspondence between Kiss and 74 women. Police immediately notified the army in an effort to apprehend Kiss, but there was little success during the subsequent manhunt except for rumours, near misses and unconfirmed sightings.
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