Case File #0132
Catrine da Costa
The Swedish Murder Mystery
"They threw the head away... and then the lady was chopped up."
During the summer of 1984 the remains of a young woman's body were discovered close to Stockholm's Karolinka Institute. The body parts were discarded in black plastic trash bags and more remains were found in August, and later identified as those of Swedish prostitute Catrine da Costa, who had disappeared five weeks previously in June 1984. It was impossible to determine the cause of death because her head and internal organs were still missing, but it was apparent that da Costa had been brutally murdered and her body dismembered into pieces before being discarded. Soon the bodies of other prostitutes turned up, and all were found raped, strangled and mutilated. The forensic medical examiner, Dr. Teet Härm of the Karolinka Institute, determined that these women had all been murdered by the same killer. The police investigation soon focused on Dr. Thomas Allgren, primarily because of allegations made by his wife that their young infant daughter had been witness to da Costa's dismemberment murder, and his friend Dr. Härm was also implicated in the prostitute murders. This began a series of events which led police into a dark world of child abuse, torture and murder which still remains unsolved, despite a lenghty police investigation, and two suspect who would stand trial twice over the gruesome murders.
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