Case File #0066
Charlie Chop-off
The New York Serial Murder Case
"God told him to make little boys into little girls"
From March 1972 a savage serial killer began stalking the streets of Manhattan, preying on young Black and Puerto Rican boys. In several instances the victim was stabbed repeatedly with a knife before the killer mutilated the boys genitals, before leaving them for dead. By 1973 four young children were dead and had one miraculously survived, although he would be severely traumatised by the ordeal. The following year police made a break in the case when a man was arrested whilst attempting to abduct a young Puerto Rican boy. The suspect, Erno Soto confessed to the murder of one of the victims, Steven Cropper and the police believed they had solved the case. However, Soto was a frequent resident of the Manhattan State Hospital as a psychiatric patient and despite a lack of evidence linking him to the crimes, his confession was enough to charge him with the murders, which stopped with his incarceration.
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