Case File #0265
Frederick Deeming
The Rainhill Murderer
"The Jury listened well to the yarn I had to tell, But they sent me straight to hell."
In March 1892, police were called to investigate a vile smell emanating from a house on Andrew Street in Windor, Melbourne. Once they located the source, officers unearthed the decomposing body of a young woman who had been buried in cement under the fireplace. Detectives learned the house was leased to a Mr. Druin, a man with a large moustache who dressed flamboyantly and bragged about his colourful escapades throughout the world. Further enquiries revealed Mr. Druin was travelling under the name Albert Williams and it was believed the corpse was that of William's wife, Emily. He was soon tracked down, only this time he had assumed the persona of Baron Swanston, but there was no mistaking the man's uncouth behaviour and distinctive moustache. In police custody, the Baron was finally revealed to be the English-born Frederick Bailey Deeming, and he was soon suspected of an even more dreadful act of murder, one that would earn him a place as a suspect in the Whitechapel Murders committed by Jack the Ripper.
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