Case File #0209
Harvey Glatman
The Glamour Girl Slayer
"They said they'd rather be dead than be with me..."
Harvey Murray Glatman had a long and troubled history with women, and from an early age he exhibited anti-social behaviour, developing an intense interest in sadomasochistic sexual fantasies based on his penchant for pulp detective magazines. These often depicted beautiful women, as damsels in distress and tied up at the mercy of some unseen menace. As an adult Glatman began masquerading as a professional photographer, enticing glamour girl models to pose for his bogus bondage portfolio shoots, and then strangling them to death. From July 1957 to July 1958 he lured three women using this ruse, tying them up and taking photographs before coldbloodedly murdering them. On 27 October 1958 he attempted to kidnap first-time model Lorraine Vigil, but the young woman fought back and Glatman was soon arrested and would eventually confess to strangling three women and dumping their bodies in the Californian desert. The bespectacled killer admitted his guilt, and would pay the ultimate price for enacting his twisted fantasies.
This case file contains graphic content. Viewer discretion is advised.
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