Case File #0160
Heriberto Seda
The New York Zodiac Serial Murder Case
"no more games pigs"
In November 1989, a letter which arrived at East New York's 17th Police Precinct bearing the heading, "This is the Zodiac", was initially discounted as being authored by a crank and was quickly forgotten. However, by the new year a series of random shootings were eventually connected as the work of the same person and soon the newspapers and many New York residents came to believe the notorious Zodiac killer from San Francisco had resurfaced, and was claiming new victims. Despite large gaps in the killer's crime spree, the Zodiac continued to communicate with the media and throughout the latter half of 1993 three more people were shot with one dying from his wounds. The investigation soon drew to a standstill and by the end of 1994 the case grew cold, but it would be a chance encounter several years later that eventually led to the arrest of the New York Zodiac.
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