Case File #0225
Lemberg Janowska
The Nazi Concentration Camp
"a spring of blood gushing from the earth"
The Nazi labour camp at Janowska in German occupied Lemberg gained a notorious reputation for the excessive cruelty and murders committed by the German SS during the Second World War. Most of the details of the crimes committed at the camp were revealed during the 1944 Soviet War Crimes Commission, and from harrowing testimony of survivors at the 1961 Israeli trial of former SS officer Adolf Eichmann. They told stories of untold cruelty committed by the SS guards under the direction of the camp commandants, who oversaw the brutal extermination of more than 200,000 people. By 1943, with the tide of war turning against the Third Reich, the Nazis formed the Sonderkommando 1005, which was tasked with removing all traces of mass murder committed by the Germans in occupied Poland. When Lemberg was liberated by the Red Army in July 1944, they found evidence of the murderous crimes committed against the Jewish population, and the barbaric genocide of their own soldiers who had been captured by the German Wehrmacht. Those Nazi officials who administered the policy of genocide and most of the SS personnel who had served at the camp, and committed the most heinous atrocities, would never face punishment for their crimes and managed to evade justice in the chaos of the Second World War.
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