Case File #0139
Melvin Rees
The Sex Beast
"You can't say it's wrong to kill"
In January 1959, the Jackson Family mysteriously disappeared after visiting relatives in the Apple Grove area of Fredericksburg, Virginia. After a relative discovered the family car, police were given their first lead, but came no closer to finding out what happened to Carroll Jackson, his wife and two infant daughters. It would be almost two months later before their bodies were found. Carroll Jackson and daughter Janet were found in a ditch, whilst Mildred Jackson and their other daughter Susan had been sexually assaulted and tortured prior to death. The police had little evidence to capture the unidentified killer, but it wasn't long before witnesses came forward with information and the murder of the Jackson family bore some similarities to the murder of a young woman near Annapolis two years previously. An anonymous letter sent to police resulted in the arrest of Melvin Rees, a Jazz musician, who would confess to several cases of serial murder.
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