Case File #0067
Special Case File
Montague Druitt
The Jack the Ripper Suspect
"that remarkable man"
On 31 August 1888, the body of Mary Ann Nichols was found in the impoverished Whitehcapel district of London's East End. She had been brutally murdered with her throat slashed by some unseen madman. During the next month of September, three more women would be found in similar circumstances with their throats cut, each one bearing signs of an escalating degree of mutilations, inflicted by a killer possessing some degree of anatomical knowledge, who was soon referred to by the media as Jack the Ripper. On 9 November 1888, the Ripper would claim his last victim, Mary Jane Kelly, who's ghastly death was the culmination in an increasingly deranged series of slayings. When the murders abruptly stopped, many rumours abounded as to why the Ripper had ended his murderous spree, and what happened to him. One particular suspect has stood out, mostly because of the circumstances of his own death, but also due to the suspicions of many leading investigators who came to conclusion that Montague John Druitt was the Whitechapel murderer.
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