Case File #0292
Peter Moore
The Man in Black
"Black thoughts and the blackest of deeds"
Over the course of three winter months beginning in September 1995, three men were found dead with multiple stab wounds, in what were described as frenzied attacks, whilst another was missing, presumed dead. In December 1995, North Wales police stepped up their investigation in the murders, and forensic officers found evidence on the beach where the last victim was discovered, in the form of blood that was sent for forensic analysis. The result was matched to a local man known about town as the "Man in Black", for his eccentric dress sense. Peter Moore was considered an upstanding member of the community, who managed several cinemas, and organised film clubs for local children. Despite this image of respectability, Moore was living a life of deception and would often cruise gay clubs looking for victims to sexually assault. With the death of his mother, Moore began a murderous spree that would claim upwards of four innocent lives. After his arrest, Moore claimed to have committed the murders "for fun", and detectives learned he had a disturbing fascination for Nazi ideology, and was a violent homosexual sadist, who derived pleasure from watching his victims at the very moment of their deaths.
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