Case File #0043
Robert Hansen
The Butcher Baker
"If you do exactly what I tell you you're not going to get hurt"
In the bleakness of the Knik River Valley, just twenty-five miles from the city of Anchorage, two off duty policemen were hunting Alaskan wild game when they stumbled across the decomposed remains of a young woman. The victim, who been shot three times with a .223 calibre weapon, was soon identified as Sherry Morrow, a bar room dancer who had gone missing the previous year in November 1981 after telling friends a man had offered her $300 to pose for pictures. Over the previous two years there had been a sudden increase in the number of women reported missing, and detectives suspected this was no isolated incident. On the evening of 13 June 1983, a trucker passing through Anchorage came across a young woman frantically calling for help. The hysterical woman had a handcuff dangling from one wrist, and told investigators a terrifying story of how she was kidnapped by a man, brutally sexually assaulted and tortured, and was about to be flown to his mountain cabin. She managed to escape, and gave police a description of her attacker. More bodies were soon discovered and detectives were certain they were dealing with a potential serial killer who hunted his victims for sport.
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