Case File #0050
Rodney Whitchelo
The Baby Food Blackmailer
"We have seen your pathetic attempts to deceive us"
It was a nightmare every food company hopes they never face, a heartless blackmailer had sent a ransom to Pedigree Petfoods, demanding hundreds of thousands of pounds be paid into bank accounts or large numbers of contaminated tins would begin appearing on retailer's shelves throughout Britain. Scotland Yard was called in to deal with the situation, and advised the company directors to adhere to his demands, in the hopes of catching him in the act of withdrawing the ransom money from the over a thousand cashpoints around the UK. The subsequent operation failed and it seemed the blackmailer had inside knowledge. Alarmingly the extortionist began sending more letters to police, this time threatening to contaminate jars of Heinz babyfoods with poison and rusty razor blades. After a failed bid by detectives to catch the suspect, he began following through with his threats. When investigators launched another 'secret' operation, they finally caught the blackmailer in the act, and were shocked to learn his identity.
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