Case File #0098
The Aurora Hammer Murders
Alexander Christopher Ewing
"I've escaped, come get me"
Residents of the small Colorado municipalities of Aurora and Lakewood experienced a string of vicious and seemingly random hammer attacks during the winter month of January 1984. Beginning with an attack on a young couple on 4 January, which left them battered but alive, which investigators initially believed to be an opportunistic burglary gone wrong. This theory was dispelled just five days later when a young flight attendant was brutally attacked in her own home, raped and beaten with a hammer, which was discarded nearby. Later that same evening another attack was reported, this time in nearby Lakewood where a 50-year-old woman was found dead, her killer having posed her body with the murder weapon lying beside her. Aurora and Lakewood police were now dealing with a murder investigation, and it wasn't long before the killer would strike again. On 15 January, the Bennett Family were hosting a birthday party at their Aurora home for their 7-year-old daughter. At some point during the night an intruder entered the house and launched what was described as a frenzied attack against the family, leaving only one survivor. Then just as mysteriously as he had arrived, the killer simply vanished, and police were at a loss to explain the unprovoked crime spree. A suspect would eventually be identified by a forensic genealogist through DNA left at the one of the crime scenes, which resulted in an arrest almost 34 years after the murders.
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