Case File #0109
The Brabant Killers
The Nijvel Gang
"Anyone who looked in their direction was executed, even small children were targeted"
Between 1982 and 1985, a notorious crime spree was perpetrated throughout the Belgian region of Brabant by a murderous gang of thieves. Starting in early 1982, the gang began a series of armed robberies, one of which ended with two police officers seriously wounded, whilst a further attack at a weapons dealer resulted in the death of a policemen. By 1983 the gang began targeting supermarkets, during which several more people were murdered and seriously wounded by the group, which consisted of a tall man who became known as "the Giant", a shorter man who was referred to as "the killer" because he was the main gunman and lastly a middle-aged or "Old Man" who was the gang's getaway driver.
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