Case File #0253
The Brighton Trunk Murders
The Queen of Slaughtering Places
"the trunk he was using as a coffee table contained the corpse of Violette Kaye"
In June 1934, an unclaimed trunk deposited at the left luggage office of Brighton railway station was opened after complaints of a bad smell emanating from within. Inside was found the dismembered and decomposing torso of a woman. The victims legs were found in a suitcase at another station, but the head and arms were never located and her identity was never established. Although police were unable to find who had placed her in the trunk or why, the unsolved crime did lead to the discovery of another unrelated murder and the arrest of a suspect. Tony Mancini was apprehended for the murder of his girlfriend Violette Kay, who's body was also placed inside a trunk, however this second crime would be left without a resolution and the exact circumstances surrounding the murder are unclear.
This case file contains graphic content. Viewer discretion is advised.
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