Case File #0203
The Dachau Massacre
The Camp Liberation Reprisals against the SS
"The stench of death was overpowering"
In April 1945, as the US Army moved across France and into Western Germany in their drive to crush Hitler's Third Reich, they came across a camp of untold misery and death. It was the infamous Dachau Concentration Camp, one of the earliest of the Nazis detention camps where Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals and others deemed inferior to the Aryan race had been imprisoned and systematically starved and tortured to death. The soldiers of the US Seventh Army came across railway boxcars containing the corpses of several thousand prisoners, and many more were discovered within the camp grounds. The SS personnel at the camp had mostly fled in the days prior to the liberation and those that remained were members of the Waffen SS military, including Hungarian SS troops, who had fired on the advancing Americans when told to surrender. When elements of the US army entered the camp, they enacted their rage on the SS men who were still present, allegedly executing hundreds in what would be one of several instances of summary justice against the murderous crimes of Hitler's dreaded SS.
This case file contains graphic content. Viewer discretion is advised.
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