Case File #0046
The Dalton Gang
The Coffeyville Bank Robbers
"The Daltons are robbing the bank!"
Amongst the most famous cowboys of the Wild West, there are few bandits as audacious as the gunslingers of the Dalton Gang, who were responsible for robbing numerous banks, trains and stagecoaches towards the end of the eighteen hundreds. The Daltons were originally lawmen but soon turned to horse stealing in the Osage Nation, and were forced to flee a posse organised to capture them. A gang soon formed around the Dalton brothers, led by Bob Dalton, who began planning and orchestrating robberies throughout Kansas and Oklahoma. Although their exploits would net them several thousand dollars, it would gain them infamy across the Midwest, and in October 1892, they decided to enact an audacious plan, by robbing two banks at the same time. What should have been a peaceful robberies turned into a bloodbath as the entire town fought back, resulted in a large shootout that spelled the demise of the Daltons.
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