Case File #0224
The Elm Guest House
The Paedophile Palace
"there were two little boys being used as child prostitutes"
A three-storey Edwardian building situated in a residential area in Barnes, south-west London, the Elm Guest House was operated in the 1970's and 80's by proprietors Carole and Harry Kasir and boasted eight guest bedrooms, a video studio, solarium and sauna. From the outside nothing seemed untoward, however in 1982 police raided the premises and the guest house soon became associated with lurid details of male prostitution, child exploitation, pornography and sex orgies involving influential members of the British establishment. Since the closure of the Guest House in 1983, it has continued to feature in the press and would eventually become the focus of several police investigations into child sexual abuse perpetrated by members of Parliament which would surface after allegations were made a man who would eventually be exposed and convicted as a fraudster, casting doubt on some of the stories associated with the notorious Elm Guest House.
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