Case File #0250
Special Case File
The Minnesota Iceman
The Great Sideshow Hoax
"Is this the missing link between man and the apes?"
Through-out the 1960's and 70's a sideshow exhibit toured at fairgounds and malls across the United States, enticing curious onlookers with it's promise of the weird and wonderful. The attraction was billed as "The Siberskoye Creature" or "The Creature of Ice", and was purported to be the frozen remains of a hairy ape-like man, akin to the legendary Bigfoot that is believed to inhabit the wilderness of the North America continent. Known as the Minnesota Iceman, the exhibit soon attracted the attention of scientist and explorer Bernard Heuvelmans, along with biologist Ivan T. Sanderson, who both examined the body and declared it to be the missing link in man's evolutionary chain. An investigation was conducted by the Smithsonian Institute, however, the exhibitor of the Iceman, Frank Hansen reportedly withdrew the attraction from public inspection and replaced it with another body that was described as a latex model, and was clearly different from the original. Declared a hoax by the scientific world, the body eventually vanished from public view only to reappear decades later. The creature known as Minnesota Iceman was either just a clever sideshow hoax, or one of the most important anthropological discoveries of all-time.
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