Case File #0016
The North Hollywood Shootout
"This is a fucking hold up!"
On 28 February 1997, LAPD officers responded to a robbery in progress at the North Hollywood Bank of America branch in Los Angeles, California. As the two heavily armed suspects left the bank they engaged in a violent shootout with police, leaving numerous officers wounded as they attempted to make their escape. The armed robbers were already responsible for several other banks robberies throughout Los Angeles which netted them over $1.5 million. The police were initially outmatched, their weapons having little effect against home-made body armour worn by the gunmen that was impenetrable to the standard police issue firearms. A SWAT team eventually arrived with sufficient firepower, and commandeered an armoured truck to extract wounded officers. In the aftermath of the 44 minutes of intense shooting, one gunman was shot dead and the other lay fatally wounded, whilst twenty police officers who attempted to stop two dangerous criminals were wounded in the line of duty.
This case file contains graphic content. Viewer discretion is advised.
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