Case File #0088
The Oakland County Child Killer
The Michigan Serial Murder Case
"This is for real I know who the killer is"
On 15 February 1976, 12-year-old Mark Stebbins failed to return to his Ferndale home in Oakland, Michigan. Tragically his body would be found four days later, in the parking lot of an office building. An autopsy concluded the young boy had been sexually assaulted and strangled to death, and with little evidence, and no reliable witnesses this murder would go unsolved. Over the next year, three more children would go missing and were later found dead, all horribly murdered and their bodies discarded in the snow by their killer. Evidence from the crimes seemed to indicate all the victims were murdered by the same individual, and the media began referring to the unidentified serial killer as the Oakland County Child Killer. Several weeks after the last known murder, a psychiatrist working on the task-force received a letter from someone claiming to be an accomplice to the killer. In exchange for revealing the identity of the Oakland Child Murderer, the man known as Allen, demanded immunity from prosecution. Despite arranging a meeting with the man, Allen never made contact and nothing further came from incident. Numerous suspects have been named in the case, and although there has been a new investigation and promising leads, no-one has been charged and the crimes remain officially unsolved.
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