Case File #0288
The Original Night Stalker
The Diamond Knot Killer
"I'll kill em, I'll kill em"
In July 1979 the East Area Rapist vanished from Northern California where he had conducted a reign of terror, committing over fifty attacks since June 1976. The masked intruder began by raping lone females but soon became more brazen and started targeting couples, often using diamond knots to secure his victims. The rapes were always committed during hot prowl burglaries where the rapist would steal personal effects before escaping. By late 1979, Southern California would experience the emergence of a dangerous and murderous criminal who soon became known as the Original Night Stalker. The killer would target both couples and lone females, securely binding the victims with the distinctive diamond knot before either shooting or bludgeoning them to death. Suspected of ten murders, these crimes along with those of the East Area Rapist and the Visalia Ransacker would eventually be connected to one individual through DNA, making him one of the most prolific criminals in American history.
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