Case File #0120
The Pimlico Mystery
The Poisoning of Thomas Edwin Bartlett
"she should tell us in the interest of science how she did it!"
In the early morning hours of New Year's Eve 1885, Mrs. Adelaide Bartlett awoke to find her husband, Thomas, had passed away in the night. She immediately called for a doctor who promptly discovered Mr. Bartlett's death was anything but natural, finding his stomach to be filled with a large amount of liquid chloroform. Adelaide was arrested along with the Reverend George Dyson, a Wesleyan minister who had become a friend and frequent visitor to the Bartlett family, and both were charged with the murder of Thomas Edwin Bartlett. However, the complexities of the cause of his death would prove to be somewhat of a revelation at the trial, and despite evidence pointing towards possible foul play, both Adelaide and Dyson would be found not guilty, primarily because the prosecution were simply unable to prove how they could have murdered her husband.
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