Case File #0138
The Psychopath
El Psicópata
"It appeared he had fallen victim to another serial killer..."
In 1986 nine members of the Zamora family visited La Cruz de Alajuelita in San José, Costa Rica for the beginning of the Holy Week in what should have been an event of special significance. Instead, seven of the women and girls never returned back down the mountain, their bodies found a short time later. All were summarily shot to death, whilst some of the girls had been raped in what was a vicious crime that horrified the nation. The Alajuelita Massacre was the first crime attributed to a killer who became known as "El Psicópata", the Pyschopath who is suspected of murdering nineteen people over a ten year period. The still unidentified serial killer conducted a reign of terror in Costa Rica where he would ambush couples, and sometimes lone women, indiscriminately shooting them to death with an M-3 submachine gun and in some cases performed mutilations on the female victims. A strong suspect was identified, however his own death at the hands of another serial killer left many unanswered questions surrounding his guilt.
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