Case File #0144
Special Case File
The Red Spider
Lucian Staniak
"Beware! I am going to make you cry."
During the Soviet era of post-war Poland an elusive serial killer was stalking his female prey... the grizzled police detectives were in hot pursuit of their murderous quarry... and the final act where the mysterious killer is unmasked, his twisted logic for committing the crime spree finally explained. Like the synopsis of a good detective novel, the crimes of Lucian Staniak are good reading for any true crime enthusiast, however, this story has been retold as a true account of the serial killer known as the Red Spider. Over a three year period during the 1960's, upwards of six victims were gruesomely murdered by the vicious killer, who slashed their bodies with a knife reminiscent of Jack the Ripper. He was named by the press as "the Red Spider", because of the spidery-like writing that adorned the notes and letters he sent to Warsaw's newspapers, and which were written with blood red ink. Despite several accounts of Staniak's crimes, there is little in the way of confirmation that he actually existed, and it is entirely possible he was invented by a fiction writer for purposes unknown. Was this a genuine criminal case of serial murder, or merely a cleverly spun web of lies and fiction?.
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