Case File #0054
Special Case File
The Thames Torso Murders
The Embankment Murders
"Divided by someone skilled, but certainly not for the purpose of anatomy"
During the latter half of the 19th Century, whilst Jack the Ripper was busy butchering prostitutes on the dimly lit streets of London's East End, another series of ghastly murders were being perpetrated by an equally elusive killer, who left the bodies of his victims neatly dissected throughout the canals and embankments of Victorian London. The remains of possibly the first victim were found in Battersea in 1873, when the trunk of a woman was discovered floating in the Thames. The rest of the body was located throughout the month, and what little evidence there was suggested a killer with some degree of anatomical knowledge. A ten year gap would see more dismembered bodies turn up, from 1884 to 1888, when the mysterious serial killer known as Jack the Ripper began his autumn of terror. Some of the subsequent torso murders were attributed to the London Ripper, but a difference in MO would ultimately rule him out as the culprit. The bodies found cut-up along the Thames would continue long after the Ripper had finished his grisly work, and with little evidence pointing to a suspect, they would remain as equally unsolved as the Whitechapel Murders.
This case file contains graphic content. Viewer discretion is advised.
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