Case File #0244
The Voyage of Terror
Murder aboard the Herbert Fuller
"The captain is killed!"
It had all the elements of a classic horror story, a passenger aboard a sailing ship in the North Atlantic Ocean awoke to the sound of terrifying screams that pierced the calm silence and filled the night air, sending him clambering for his pistol. The young man proceeded to make his way into the Captain's room, only to find him dead along with his wife, both having been hacked to death and left in pools of their own blood. He soon encountered the second mate, who inexplicably refused to alert the other crew to the murders, and began acting in a suspicious and confusing manner. When the Steward was finally awoken at dawn and the three men proceeded to the cabin of the first mate, they found that he too had been horribly hacked to death in his bunk, two of his severed fingers on the floor. The second mate managed to locate the murder weapon on deck, a crimson soaked axe, still dripping with blood and flesh. It soon became apparent to the remaining nine crew and passengers that a vicious killer was standing amongst them, and that any one of them could be the culprit. However, this terrifying tale was not some work of fiction by a murder mystery novelist, but a real-life incident that occurred in July 1896 aboard the sailing ship Herbert Fuller.
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